Official partner of Exatech
in Tunisia

The company

BITS has been deploying and integrating IT solutions since 1988. It was founded by Ali Benzarti and is currently led by its CEO Kerim Benzarti.

As a distributor of EXATECH solutions in Tunisia, BITS has installed the automatic MCQ correction solution at the Tunisian Ministry of Education. BITS also works with Ministries, private and public companies and banks.

You provide students with the knowledge and tools they need for their future, we provide the solutions to assess them.

Kerim Benzarti, CEO

A renowned brand

EXATECH services and software have been successfully used by government agencies, prestigious schools, universities, and public administrations for over 20 years.

Quality software

The R&D and technical team at EXATECH are constantly innovating and ensuring the operation and evolution of the software

Personalized support

The teams at EXATECH accompany you in the implementation and successful adoption of the software throughout its use, with personalized technical and commercial support.  

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