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The software developed by the EXATECH teams is dedicated to optimizing, modernizing and securing exams and competitions. Its R&D and technology sector place EXATECH among the most innovative companies in French Tech.

Consult Info

Founded in 1991 by Mr. NASIRI BENNANI Nourddin, currently managed by its Chairman and CEO Mr. NASIRI BENNANI Mohamed, CONSULT INFO is specialized in the sale of computer hardware and software development.

Currently active in Morocco, CONSULT INFO has carried out various projects in neighboring countries, including Mali (Bamako), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Gabon (Libreville), Guinea (Conakry) and Senegal (Dakar).

Its main clients on the African continent are schools, universities and administrations.

BITS has been designing and integrating IT solutions since 1988. Founded by Ali Benzarti, it is currently managed by its CEO Kerim Benzarti.

Distributor of Exatech solutions in Tunisia, BITS has installed our automatic MCQ correction solution at the Ministry of Education. BITS works with ministries, public and private companies and banks.

Consult Info works closely with its clients to identify their needs and efficiently meet them as quickly as possible. Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and partners by delivering quality services and continuous support is our number one priority. At Consult Info, our passion is our profession. The art of success lies in knowing how to surround oneself with the best.'

Mohamed Bennani, Chairman and CEO

You provide students with the knowledge and tools they need for their future, we provide the solutions to assess them.

Kerim Benzarti, CEO

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