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A prominent leader in exam and assessment corrections in Morocco, CONSULT INFO has been the official partner of EXATECH for over 10 years. Its expert teams are trained in EXATECH solutions and software to provide you with the best support in their usage. Founded in 1991 by Mr. Nasiri Bennani Nourddin and currently led by its President and CEO, Mohamed Nasiri Bennani, CONSULT INFO is also specialized in computer hardware sales and software development.
Primarily operating in Morocco, it has also undertaken several significant projects across the African continent, in countries such as Mali, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea, and Senegal.
Its main clients include schools, universities, and government administrations.

Its main customers are schools, universities and government agencies.

Consult Info works closely with its clients to identify their needs and efficiently meet them as quickly as possible. Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and partners by delivering quality services and continuous support is our number one priority. At Consult Info, our passion is our profession. The art of success lies in knowing how to surround oneself with the best.'

Mohamed Bennani, Chairman and CEO

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"A new technological solution to digitize exam marking to guarantee equal opportunities" by Youssef Yaagoubi
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They use our software in Morocco

A renowned brand

EXATECH services and software have been successfully used by government agencies, prestigious schools, universities, and public administrations for over 20 years.

Quality software

The R&D and technical team at EXATECH are constantly innovating and ensuring the operation and evolution of the software

Personalized support

The teams at EXATECH accompany you in the implementation and successful adoption of the software throughout its use, with personalized technical and commercial support.  

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