"We wanted to modernize our examination marking system": The European Baccalaureate goes paperless with Viatique

The European schools award the European Baccalaureate diploma to nearly 3,000 high school students from 23 European schools. Schola Europaea have chosen to dematerialize the correction of European baccalaureate exam papers with the Viatique Correction solution.

Scola Europaea has been dematerializing the correction of European Baccalaureate exam papers since 2017. A real gain in the correction process, among which we can note the following advantages: e secure copies, lighten logistics, automatically anonymize copies to respect equal opportunities between candidates, faster access to copies online and just after digitization, supervise corrections, automate the transfer of grades.

In addition, the solution met the specific needs of the European Baccalaureate, such as the triple correction mechanism and a dashboard for tracking markers.  

In 2024, over 14500 copies will be dematerialized for the bac in June. Viatique Correction has already been used for Pre-Bac corrections in January.

Read Schola Europaea's interview with Exatech

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